Phadke Associates developed the Robust Testing™ Method to address the challenge of testing software and complex systems.  The Robust Testing™ method provides your team a systematic process for generating orthogonal array and applied statistics based test plans that provides thorough assurance and minimize test cost and schedule.  


Rapidly evaluate your system and system of systems test plans, identify test gaps, and generate optimal test plans and scripts utilizing orthogonal arrays and advanced applied statistics.  With decades of research and an in-depth understanding of the technical challenges faced by test staff, Phadke Associates has developed specialized versions of the rdExpert™ Software tool for implementing Robust Testing™. 


Robust Testing Solutions


¨ Expert Consultation and Training

¨ rdExpert Test Planning

¨ rdExpert Test Suite



¨ Fundamentals: Planning Efficient Software Tests (DOE for Software Testing) - Sign up for a free account on PAPortal to read articles, download software, and request trial or purchased licenses.

Robust Testing™ (Statistical Test Optimization)

Generate optimal test plans to validate your hardware and software systems

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