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Phadke Associates is the leading global provider of Robust Design services, software tools, and training.  We guide engineering teams to develop robust product and system designs that maximize performance while minimizing effects of variability.  


Through focused engineering analysis and design of experiments principles, Phadke Associates delivers a systematic Robust Design process to guide your engineers to the next breakthrough.  With the introduction of rdExpert™ Software, engineers can rapidly ramp up capability, generate immediate benefits, and simplify deployment for sustainable results.


Robust Design Solutions


¨ Expert Consultation and Training

¨ rdExpert Deluxe

¨ rdExpert Premiere



¨ Fundamentals: Introduction to Robust Design (Taguchi Method) - Sign up for a free account on PAPortal to read articles, download software, and request trial or purchased licenses.

Customers rely on Phadke Associates technical expertise and specialized software solutions for all stages in system development

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