Requirements & Test Certification

rdExpert™ Test Suite


CAT™ Software

¨ Generate efficient, high coverage test plans based on orthogonal arrays and advanced statistics


¨ Prioritize test plans to maximize coverage of important parameters


¨ Translate test conditions into a complete set of customized test scripts.


¨ Import custom test scripts into industry standard test management tools for manual or automated test execution


¨ Generate regression tests with a click of a button


¨ Analyze test results to identify important conditions and isolate root causes of failure


¨ Includes CAT™ Software for evaluating requirements and test plans

¨ Rapidly extract requirements, test parameters, and their values directly from requirements specifications, test plans, and use case documentation


¨ Automate the process of formatting data for rdExpert™ and CAT™ Software


¨ Extract requirements and test parameters from use cases and test plans


¨ Evaluate coverage of manually created and rdExpert generated test plans


¨ Uncover specific test gaps


¨ Conduct traceability analysis of test plans


¨ Automatically export test plans directly to rdExpert™  Software to plug test gaps, reduce number of test cases, and improve overall coverage


Phadke Associates has helped it’s clients achieve superior performance and reduce product development and test costs. Our software is designed to empower your team to achieve breakthrough results and ensure continued success.


For product and licensing inquires please contact our sales team.  Download and request a trial today.

Requirements & Licensing

¨ Single User, Concurrent Single User, Network, and Hosted Network licensing options available for all software feature versions


¨ Contact the Phadke Associates Sales team for Volume Licensing inquiries.


¨ Select single user licenses available at the Online Store


¨ Single User software requires 100 MB free space, MS Windows operating system, MS Word, and MS Excel


¨ Network license requires 150 MB free space, MS Windows Server operating system, MS Word, and MS Excel

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Download  |  Buy  |  License

Download  |  Buy  |  License

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